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USEFUL TIPS for makeup artists: After graduation employment opportunity  & expected pay:

Level A : Makeup Artist
Retail Artist:  Level A is considered a starter level to work as a makeup artist. It pays about $15 to $30 per hour. Jobs can be described as: makeup
artist; makeup consultants & sales.  This job is mainly sales but it is a good way to start.
Where could you find a starter position LEVEL A? Beauty shops; Hair salons; spas; makeup counters at the malls like MAC, etc…

Level B: Makeup Artist
Freelance makeup. This level can be develop along with level A
Level B pays per face / makeup application as low as $45 (minimum makeup application),  $200 (bridal)  up to $2000 (celebrity  personal artist)
Jobs can be found at: Glamour-shot photo studios; Mortuary homes (doing makeup on deceased); Bridal freelance; Prom; Celebrity personal
makeup artist; Special Events Makeup such as glamour makeup or kids face painting party.

Level C: Makeup  Artist
Production & Media makeup:
Level C pays per makeup application & or per contract as low as $100 & up to $4000 or even more depending on the production & how far you can
Jobs can be found at: TV stations; Music video productions; Commercial productions; Film production; Runway shows; Print and media work

From HEX Business 411 package part of our makeup training programs by Angie G Ford  

3 steps to become a professional makeup artist: here
Professional Master Certificate  High Fashion Multimedia & HD Makeup Classes by Angie G Ford
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Online master Class learning topics:

Runway and Editorial (Cover of magazine makeup)

Bridal & wedding makeup.

How to  earn income as a bridal and special events artist at your area

Smoky and Catty dramatic glamour makeup

How to earn experience and become a professional  at Photo shoot, and TV  Multi Media HD, television, web makeup  artist

Use your imagination to create your own master piece: Fantasy makeup application

How to do Fashion and Celebrity makeup

Professional hygiene for makeup artists

Professional customer service, attitude & communication

Master a natural flawless makeup

Makeup for all ethnicities, colors & shapes

Contouring and highlighting,

Lighting & photography for makeup artists,

Color theory , color mix & color wheel

Facial feature correction,  makeup for aged mature skin

Business as a makeup artist:
Learn all you need to know about establishing a freelance business, work as a makeup artist through business coaching and provided
guidelines and tools.
Build confidence & motivation tools
Marketing & expansion tools.